Belgian charged in connection with foiled 'terror plot'

Belgian charged in connection with foiled 'terror plot'
Belgian authorities confirm connection of terror-related charge with previous arrest of Paris weapons stockpile.
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02 April, 2016
Belgian and French authorities have stepped up their crackdown on IS affiliates in Europe [AFP]
A Belgian citizen has been charged on Saturday in connection with a "terror plot" that was foiled by French and Belgian authorities.

The suspect, named only as YA, had appeared before a judge on Friday after being detained on Thursday evening, federal prosecutors said.

In their statement, prosecuters confirmed that this was in relation to the arrest of French national Reda Kriket, who was later charged with membership of a terrorist organisation.

Kriket, 34, was arrested near Paris after police discovered a stash of weapons and explosives at his home. Among the items found were handguns, assault rifles and homemade explosives often used by Islamic State group members.

While authorities did not identify a precise target of Kriket's plot, state prosecutor Francis Molins said that the discovery of the weapons arsenal had likely prevented an act of "extreme violence".

French and Belgian authorities have stepped up efforts to crack down on IS-affiliated extremists, after the November Paris attacks and the more recent attacks in Brussels on March 22 which killed 32 people.