Barking mad? Iran's capital bans driving and walking with dogs

Barking mad? Iran's capital bans driving and walking with dogs
Dog owners in Tehran are confronted with a new ban that prevents them from walking or driving with their pets in public places.
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30 January, 2019
Tehran drivers seen transporting dogs in cars will be fined [Getty]

Dog lovers in Tehran will no longer be allowed to walk their dogs in parks or on the streets of Iran's capital following an announcement by the city's police chief on Tuesday.

The ban extends to car owners, who will receive a fine if seen driving with their pet.

"We have received permission from the Tehran Prosecutor's Office, and will take measures against people walking dogs in public spaces, such as parks," Tehran Police Chief Hossein Rahimi told the state-run Young Journalists Club.

"It is forbidden to drive dogs around in cars and, if this is observed, serious police action will be taken against the car-owners in question," he aded.

The new move is seen as a victory for Islamist hardliners who have long railed aginst ownership of dogs as pets, viewing the practice as a Western import. Dogs are viewed as unclean according to some Islamic traditions, which restrict contact and ownership of the animals. 

In some cases, dog owners have had their pets confiscated by authorities.

In 2010, Iran's ministry of culture and Islamic guidance banned media outlets from publishing advertisements for pets or pet-related products as part of the anti-pet push.

Iranian MPs in 2014 attempted to pass a law thay would punish dog owners with floggings if they were caught taking their pooches out in public.