Baker arrested in UAE for allegedly spitting on bread amid coronavirus epidemic

Baker arrested in UAE for allegedly spitting on bread amid coronavirus epidemic
The UAE has imposed further strict quarantine measures to tackle an outbreak of the coronavirus.
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06 April, 2020
The baker has been detained after the video was shared [Getty]

A baker in the UAE was arrested this weekend for allegedly spitting in dough as he prepared bread, as a coronavirus outbreak sees new strict measures enforced to stop its spread.

A video of the incident shows a bakery worker in the emirate of Ajman rocking his head over the dough before placing it in a tanoor oven.

The motion and sound the baker makes has been perceived as spitting by many on social media and outrage over the video has led Ajman municipality to report the incident to police.

The expatriate was detained by Emirati police and is being kept in solitary confinement, while the public prosecution prepares a case against the defendant.

The bakery was also closed by authorities, while a specialists study samples taken from the accused.

There have been a number of incidents involving people infected with the coronvirus allegedly spitting to spread the disease - including an expatriate in Saudi Arabia and Israeli settlers in the occupied territories.

The UAE has imposed a two-week lockdown on the country to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Residents now require a permit to leave their home, which is only allowed in certain situations such as for essential workers or shopping.

Emirati authorities say they are using artificial intelligence to determine when people leave their homes and is issuing fines for non-essential travel.

The UAE has seen at least 1,799 coronavirus cases since the first person was reported with the disease on 29 January.

Ten people have since died from the coronavirus in the Gulf state - the second highest death toll from the disease among GCC countries.

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