Baghdad hit by suicide bombers after Friday prayers

Baghdad hit by suicide bombers after Friday prayers
Iraqis attending Friday prayers at a Shia mosque have been targeted by suicide bombers, in what is believed to be another desperate attempt by IS to spread discord in Iraq.
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22 April, 2016
Security is usually tight in the Iraqi capital, but bombings continue [AFP]

Two suicide bombers have targeted Iraqis at a Shia mosque following Friday prayers.

The attack took place in southwest Baghdad and killed at least nine people - security and medical officials said - while dozens more were wounded.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, but the Islamic State group - and its predecessor al-Qaeda in Iraq - has carried out a wave of attacks on Shia mosques, neighbourhoods and processions.

In February, a twin bomb attack at a Shia mosque left at least 15 dead, while the group also targeted a Baghdad football match in March killing dozens, including many children.

Markets, checkpoints and public squares have also been hit by IS bombers.

Many see the up-turn in bombings by the jihadi group - which control huge swathes of northern and western Iraq - as a sign of weakness.

Kurdish and Iraqi government forces have both won back territory from the militants, while US-led air strikes have decimated much of the group's leadership.

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