IS 'attacks Iraqi military base in dawn suicide mission'

IS 'attacks Iraqi military base in dawn suicide mission'
Five Islamic State militants breached the military base perimeter at dawn and detonated two devices inside the base, killing at least six people.
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22 May, 2017
The Iraqi army have imposed a curfew in the surrounding area following the attack [Twitter]

At least six soldiers were killed and around fifteen others were injured in an attack on a military base in eastern Iraq on Monday morning.

Five militants attacked the Kirkush military base, located to the east of Balad Ruz in Diyala province, according to one Iraqi military official who spoke with The New Arab on condition of anonymity.

“Two militants were wearing explosive devices and carried out suicide bomb attacks, killing three people,” said Falah al-Tamimi, a spokesperson for the Diyala police force.

According to Tamimi, the militants broke through the outer fence of the base and entered the camp before sunrise.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but Tamimi said the attackers were identified as Islamic State (IS) militants.

Among the Iraqi army's dead was one prominent colonel who had served as the commanding officer for the task force of the tenth battalion.

Following the attack, the Iraqi military imposed a curfew on the surrounding area and several low-flying helicopters were seen flying in the local area.

The Kirkush base currently serves as a forward base in the fight against IS outposts, with routine missions going out out to hunt down regional cells.