Around 300 German citizens still in Afghanistan, Berlin says

Around 300 German citizens still in Afghanistan, Berlin says
Around 300 German citizens and 10,000 Afghans eligible for evacuation to Germany are still in Afghanistan after the German military ended evacuation flights out of Kabul.
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Demonstrators in Germany gathered in large numbers to demand the safe evacuation of Afghans who are desperate to get out the country after Taliban took control of the capital Kabul [source: Getty]

Around 300 German citizens remain in Afghanistan, a spokesman for the foreign office in Berlin said on Friday, one day after the German military ended its evacuation flights from Kabul.

Berlin has identified 10,000 Afghans in need of protection who are entitled to come to Germany, including former local staff, journalists and human rights activists, the spokesman told reporters.

The German military ended the airlift from Kabul airport late on Thursday after evacuating 5,347 people, including more than 4,100 Afghans.  

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Britain said Friday that it plans to complete its evacuations out of Afghanistan "in a matter of hours".

"We will process those people that we have brought with us, the 1,000 people approximately inside the airfield now," UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told Sky News.

"And we will seek a way to continue to find a few people in the crowd, where we can, but overall the main processing has now closed and we have a matter of hours."

Nearly 14,000 British citizens and Afghans had been rescued as part of the UK evacuations since mid-August, Wallace said, but added: "The sad fact is not every single one will get out."