'Like Apartheid': Spoof Madonna video urges Israel Eurovision boycott

'Like Apartheid': Spoof Madonna video urges Israel Eurovision boycott
London Palestine Action have released 'Like Apartheid', their third and final spoof music video calling for a boycott of the Eurovision, this time urging Madonna not to perform.
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17 May, 2019
Madonna and Bibi dance to Eurodivision's 'Like Apartheid' spoof [Twitter]
A pro-Palestine activist group has released another spoof video ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel, this time giving Madonna's "Like A Virgin" the BDS treatment.

The video, released on Friday by London Palestine Action and made by activist band Eurodivision, rehashed the lyrics of Madonna's hit song, renaming it "Like Apartheid".

The Queen of Pop has confirmed she will perform at the contest in Tel Aviv on Saturday, which has angered pro-Palestinian advocates who say her high-profile appearance at the event amounts to pinkwashing and art washing.

Activists have long said Israel's use of queer and pop culture distracts from war crimes and human rights violations against Palestinians.

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Madonna has acknowledged the controversy over her performance, but shrugged it off saying saying she will "never stop playing music to suit someone's political agenda".

Eurodivision's Madonna look-a-like, dressed in some of Madge's iconic get-ups including that pink bra, sings protest lyrics such as: "Like Apartheid / bombed for the hundredth time / like apartheid / when the bombs drop, I feel just fine".

Also featuring a steamy dance with Netanyahu, the song attacks his "Brand Israel", in which pinkwashing is seen as a crucial part.

"Gonna give you all my love, Bibi / While Gaza's fading fast / Could Brand Israel save him now / He's desperate to last," the song goes.

Leila White of London Palestine Action told The New Arab: "Madonna believes she cannot be manipulated and sings to her own agenda, but she's chosen to perform at the most political music event in the world, hosted by a state which explicitly politicises culture under 'Brand Israel' to promote Israel as a 'normal' 'democratic state'."

"It is in fact an apartheid, settler colonial state and in choosing to ignore the Palestinian call for a boycott, Madonna is literally dancing to the beat of racist, war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu's feet," she added.

The group previously covered Madonna's "Like A Prayer", alternatively entitled, "Don't Go There", urging Madonna not to go to Israel.

Last week, Eurodivision released yet another spoof music video, called "Yes BDS" and modelled on gay anthem YMCA, which pleaded with Graham Norton not to host this year’s contest for the BBC.

Many high-profile musicians have refused to perform in Israel in recent years, including Lorde, Brian Eno, Faithless and Massive Attack, citing their objection to Israel's violation of Palestinian rights and failure to comply with international law.

Most recently, British indie band Wolf Alice announced they had joined the Eurovision boycott, and will play at an alternative event in London on Saturday.

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