Dutch 'Angels of Death' drug squad head arrested in UAE

Dutch 'Angels of Death' drug squad head arrested in UAE
'Angels of Death' Ridouan Taghi was arrested in the UAE on Monday.
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17 December, 2019
Ridouan Taghi is a wanted criminal [Interpol]

Dubai police Monday arrested the head of a dangerous Dutch organisation that who has been residing in the UAE.

Ridouan Taghi, 41, led a death squad in The Netherlands named "Angels of Death", who specialise in drug trafficking and murders.

He entered the UAE before an arrest warrant was issued against him by the Dutch police.

Taghi entered the UAE with a fake identity last year in an attempt to be untraceable abroad, said Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al-Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police.

The Moroccan-born criminal committed a number murders across Europe and Africa but was able to evade the security authorities by impersonating different people and using ID cards that were not connected to him.

Because of this, he was untraceable and was a difficult criminal to catch by the Dutch authorities.

He would also change his looks every few months to ensure he isn't caught.

This led to the Dutch authorities announce a reward of €100,000 ($111,635) for any information that would lead to the notorious criminal's arrest.

Dutch police chief Erik Akerboom said Taghi's arrest was of "great importance for the Netherlands", especially considering he was dubbed the country’s most dangerous man.

Dutch police say Taghi's wealth made it easy for him to afford to hide from the police.

"These types of criminals mistakenly believe that they are untouchable," said Andy Kraag, head of criminal investigations

"We want to dismantle these organizations step by step."

Dubai police say that Taghi was not involved in any criminal activity during his stay in the UAE.

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