Egypt pop titan Amr Diab accused of 'enabling sexual harassment' in car advert

Egypt pop titan Amr Diab accused of 'enabling sexual harassment' in car advert
Amr Diab stars in a Citroen C4 car advert that social media users have said promotes sexual harassment
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29 December, 2021
Egypt's top pop star appeared in the TV advert for Citroen [Getty-file photo]

CAIRO - Egyptian pop star Amr Diab has been accused by social media users of enabling sexual harassment of women after starring in a controversial advertisement for French car company Citroen.

In the commercial, launched last month by the French car maker's Egyptian branch, Diab is seen at the helm of a Citroen C4.

Diab stops the car to allow a woman to cross the street. He glances at the woman, then taps the front windscreen, showcasing an advanced option in the car.

The option allows Diab to take a picture of the woman, which is sent directly to his mobile phone.

In the following scenes, Diab takes the woman out on dates.

The commercial has been removed from YouTube, purportedly after it was flagged by viewers as inappropriate.

The advert was also panned on social media.

Taking a picture of a woman without her consent is creepy. You're enabling sexual harassment. @Citroen

— 𓆃 Reem Abdellatif - ريم عبداللطيف (@Reem_Abdellatif) December 29, 2021

That’s the worst advertisement I’ve seen in years. @citreon @amrdiab you could have conveyed the same message in 10000 better way. A cute cat or a dog crossing the street for example. Can you imagine the difference?!

— Kareem Farid (@KareemFarid) December 29, 2021

Twitter user @LamisK said the advert promoted "sexism, sexual harassment, violence and the objectification of women".

Shame on @Citroen @CitronResearch @CitroenSA @Citroen_Egypt @CitroenEgypt for promoting sexism, sexual harassment, violence and the objectification of women. It’s 2021 for heaven’s sake. This is unacceptable. @FranceenEgypte

— Lamis Khalilova Bartusek (@LamisK) December 27, 2021

Neither Citroen nor Diab could be reached for comment on the advertisement.

Diab, one of the Arab World's most famous faces, has appeared in a host of other commercials, for companies including Vodafone Egypt and Pepsi.

The 60-year-old has arguably been Egypt’s top pop star since the 1990s. His latest hit, ‘Enta El-haz’ (you are the good luck), has garnered over 31 million views on YouTube alone.