Algerian prosecutors seek tougher jail term for pro-democracy activist

Algerian prosecutors seek tougher jail term for pro-democracy activist
Algerian prosecutors are seeking a tougher jail sentence for Amira Bouraoui, a prominent activist in the pro-democracy Hirak movement, at her trial on appeal.
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26 December, 2020
Amira Bouraoui's jail term could be extended to two years [Getty]

Algerian prosecutors have requested a tougher two-year jail sentence for prominent pro-democracy activist Amira Bouraoui during her trial on appeal, a prisoners' rights group said on Friday.

Bouraoui, a 44-year-old gynaecologist, is a prominent in the "Hirak" protest movement that secured the resignation of former president Abdelaziz Bouteflika in April last year.

She came to prominence in 2014 when she opposed Bouteflika running for a fourth term.

She was sentenced to a one-year jail term in June over a string of charges, including insulting the president and Islam.

Bouraoui was tried on appeal on Thursday night in a court in Tipaza, in the country's west, the CNLD prisoners' rights group said.

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Prosecutors are now seeking two years behind bars for the activist, the CNLD said in a statement Friday on its Facebook page.

A verdict is expected on December 31.

The CNLD says over 90 people, including activists, social media users and journalists, are currently in custody in connection with the country's anti-government protest movement or individual liberties -- mostly for dissenting social media posts.

Bouraoui was granted provisional release in July, along with several other opposition figures.

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