Algeria 'snubs' Haftar as military leader of Libya

Algeria 'snubs' Haftar as military leader of Libya
The Algerian government did not officially recognise a visit by Libyan military leader, Khalifa Haftar, earlier this week and refused to receive him in military uniform, it has emerged.
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21 December, 2016
Haftar received by military leaders at an airport near al-Marj on 3 December [AFP]
Algeria refused to receive Libyan military leader Khalifa Haftar in military attire during his recent visit, possibly signalling that Algiers will not accept Haftar as a military leader.

Algeria is currently hosting political discussions over the future of the country in order to avoid a further civil war between the various military factions.

“Algeria is in a very strong position to mediate between the different competing factions in Libya because Algeria has never taken sides,” said Guma el-Gamaty, a former UK Co-ordinator for the National Transitional Council of Libya.

“Algeria kept an equal distance from all parties and has been receiving delegates from every side in Libya.”

Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez al-Sarraj, is currently in Algiers, just days after his rival, Haftar, left the city.

Algeria did not officially recognise Haftar’s meeting with Algerian prime minister, Abdelmalek Sellal, this week and did not issue an announcement through the usual channels.

Fighting broke out between forces loyal to Haftar and the GNA army in Ben Jawad and Noufiliya, the country’s ‘oil crescent’, on December 7.

A spokesperson for Haftar’s army said they had captured a number of oil terminals in the area.

Haftar announced plans to ‘liberate’ Tripoli last Wednesday, after a video emerged of a girl being gang-raped by a rival militia.

Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt have announced plans for a summit on the future of Libya, to be held in Algiers later in December

“This summit might come up with a genuine compromise that will clear the political impasse,” said Gamaty.