Algeria "imposes restrictions on travel" to Arab conflict countries

Algeria "imposes restrictions on travel" to Arab conflict countries
Unnamed security sources say the Algerian government is implementing new travel restrictions on citizens bound for Arab conflict areas, to prevent them from joining jihadist groups.
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29 July, 2015
Algerian troops [Farouk Batiche/AFP/Getty Images]

An Algerian security source speaking to the Turkish Anadolu news agency on condition of anonymity said the Algerian authorities have recently imposed restrictions on travel to 7 Arab "conflict countries" or near conflict zones, to prevent Algerians from joining terrorist groups including the Islamic State group (IS).

The source said special measures are being taken to restrict the travel of Algerian citizens, especially those under the age of 40, to Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Lebanon and Sudan.

"The procedures include verifying the final destination for travelers, checking dates and the reasons for their departure to these states in collaboration with the local authorities concerned," the source said.

"More than 90 percent of Algerians who joined jihadist groups arrived in Syria after passing through one or two Arab countries to hide their movements, making it crucial to monitor travel by Algerians to conflict zones or countries near them," the source added.

Thousands of fighters from countries of the Arab Maghreb, including Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco, have travelled to Syria and Iraq to join jihadist groups led by IS. Recently, there have been mounting concerns over increased IS activity in Algeria, following attacks there and in neighbouring Tunisia and Libya.