Algeria disbands 'Israeli spy ring'

Algeria disbands 'Israeli spy ring'
Algerian security forces say they have uncovered an Israeli spy ring operating in the south of the country and arrested ten people on Friday, according to local media reports.
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15 January, 2017
Authorities said the individuals arrested were from various African nationalities [AFP]

Algerian authorities busted a suspected espionage network working for Israel on Friday, local media reported.

Security forces said ten members of the spy cell were arrested in Ghardaia Province on Friday, according to Algeria's Annahar newspaper.

Authorities said the individuals arrested were from various African countries, including Libya, Mali, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya and Liberia.

The suspects were under investigation in order to establish the reason for their presence in Algeria. 

The spy ring used sophisticated telecommunication and visual devices to spy on Algeria's security force, el-Biladi daily reported, adding that a CD containing Hebrew text was found in their possession.

In recent years, African states arrested and imprisoned several individuals on charges of spying for Israel. 

Last month, Tunisia reported that an aviation engineer specialised in drones was murdered in the city of Sfax by foreigners.

Many claimed Mohamed Zaouari's death was the result of an assassination carried out by Israel's foreign intelligence agency Mossad due to the engineer's alleged ties with Palestinian movement Hamas.

Tunisian authorities said they were closely investigating the case and that the assassination could have been carried out by foreign agents.