At African Union, Algeria and South Africa join forces to push for Israel Gaza ceasefire, humanitarian aid

At African Union, Algeria and South Africa join forces to push for Israel Gaza ceasefire, humanitarian aid
Algeria, S. Africa join forces, demanding an end to the Israeli 'genocide' in Gaza and unimpeded aid, urging enforcement of world court orders
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16 February, 2024
A general view of the logo of the African Union at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa on February 15, 2024. (Photo by Michele Spatari / AFP) (Photo by MICHELE SPATARI/AFP via Getty Images)

Algeria and South Africa have pledged to step up pressure for the enforcement of International Court of Justice measures aimed at ending the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

The two nations expressed their renewed commitment during a meeting between Algerian Foreign Minister Ahmed Attaf and his South African counterpart, Naledi Pandor, in Addis Ababa on Friday on the sidelines of the 44th regular session of the African Union's Executive Council.

Their discussions focused on the ongoing "genocide" in Gaza, as Attaf described it, and the need to halt Israeli aggression, protect civilians, and ensure the free flow of humanitarian aid.

The ministers highlighted the importance of both legal and diplomatic channels in achieving these goals.

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South Africa has pursued action before the ICJ, while Algeria has focused on efforts within the United Nations Security Council, where it is pushing for a vote on ceasefire measures next week.

Both Attaf and Pandor stressed the need to continue their efforts until key objectives are met, including:

  • An end to Israeli military action in Gaza
  • Protection of Palestinian civilians
  • Unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid
  • A lasting resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on international law

South Africa’s case against Israel at the ICJ for genocide has been regarded as a landmark moment in the struggle for justice for Palestinians and an attempt to hold Tel Aviv accountable at the highest judicial level in the world. 

The preliminary ruling by ICJ judges ordered Israel to do all it can to prevent death, destruction and any acts of genocide against Palestinians in the territory.

But last week, Pandor said that Israel was ignoring the ICJ as hundreds of civilians in Gaza have been killed since the January 26 ruling.