Algeria accuses Morocco of 'deception' over new Western Sahara map

Algeria accuses Morocco of 'deception' over new Western Sahara map
Algeria accused Morocco of 'misinformation and deception' over a new map reportedly adopted by the Arab League
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28 December, 2021
Morocco claims sovereignty over the Western Sahara territory, while Algeria backs the separatist Polisario movement [Getty-archive]

Algeria accused rival Morocco of a "new attempt to mislead," after a map depicting the disputed Western Sahara territory as part of the kingdom was reportedly adopted by the Arab League.

Special envoy at Algeria’s foreign ministry, Amman Ballani, said the "new map" being promoted by Morocco - which includes the Western Sahara region - "is nothing but blatant misinformation and another deception."

Morocco considers the Western Sahara region an integral part of its kingdom while Algeria backs Sahrawi separatists.

The Arab League earlier this week sent a memorandum to all organisations and bodies affiliated with it, recommending they adopt the "complete map of Morocco" in all events.

Rabat has yet to respond to Ballani’s comments.

Algeria is scheduled to host an Arab League summit in March next year, in light of its worsening diplomatic crisis with Morocco.

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Relations between the North African neighbours have become fraught following Morocco's normalisation with Israel last year and US recognition of the kingdom's sovereignty over Western Sahara.

Algeria - which completely cut off ties with Morocco in August - backs the Polisario Front movement in the disputed territory, which wants independence for Western Sahara.

Morocco has outright refused, proposing instead an autonomy plan.

The Moroccan military controls 80 percent of the territory, while the Polisario controls the remaining 20 percent. Most of the Arab world recognises Morocco's sovereignty over Western Sahara.