Al Pacino and Kuwaiti-American girlfriend Noor Alfallah reach custody agreement for son

Al Pacino and Kuwaiti-American girlfriend Noor Alfallah reach custody agreement for son
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11 September, 2023
Al Pacino and his Kuwaiti girlfriend Noor Alfallah have reached a custody agreement regarding their three-month-old son, Roman, even though the couple have denied rumours that they broke up.
Noor Alfallah and Al Pacino seen on a film shoot in Manhattan on August 24, 2023 [Getty Images]

Oscar-winning actor Al Pacino, 83, and his Kuwaiti-American girlfriend Noor Alfallah, 29, have reached a custody agreement regarding their three-month-old son, Roman Alfallah Pacino following rumours that they had split up - which were denied by the couple.

Court documents from Los Angeles County Superior Court reveal that the infant will predominantly stay with Alfallah. Meanwhile, Al Pacino has been granted "reasonable" visitation rights. Both will have joint legal custody, enabling them to make decisions together about Roman's health and education.

Alfallah, who gave birth to Roman on 6 June, started the filing process this past Wednesday. Al Pacino signed a "voluntary declaration of parentage" six days after Roman's birth, confirming his biological relation to the child. As of now, no further court hearings are set for this case.

Contrary to some media reports, the duo remain in a relationship. Media outlets initially claimed the pair had separated, but this was promptly countered by Al Pacino's spokesperson.

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Current media reports indicate that while the romantic aspect of Al Pacino and Alfallah's relationship might have changed, they still share moments together. The reports also mention Alfallah's desire for a more significant monetary support than what has been offered by Al Pacino.

Refuting the split rumours, Al Pacino's representative stated that the two collaborated to create a formal custody plan and emphasised: "Al and Noor have mutually reached agreements about their child Roman. They are still together."

On the same day the legal papers were filed, the couple was seen dining together in Los Angeles, according to People magazine.

Al Pacino and Alfallah's relationship was officially announced in April 2022, but had been developing before that during the Covid-19 pandemic. Pacino's spokesperson confirmed the couple expected a child in May.

Alfallah is credited as a producer for Pacino's forthcoming movie, Billy Knight