Abu Dhabi to follow Dubai and introduce toll roads this year

Abu Dhabi to follow Dubai and introduce toll roads this year
The UAE emirate Abu Dhabi will follow Dubai and introduce toll roads.
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26 July, 2019
Abu Dhabi is introducing tolls to some of its roads [Getty]
Car owners in the UAE emirate of Abu Dhabi will have to pay to use certain roads from next month at four locations from October.

Abu Dhabi announced on Thursday it will open toll roads in the city later in the year, as the emirate looks at new ways of raising revenues.

The locations the tolls will be in place include Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Bridge, Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Mussafah Bridge, and Al-Maqtaa Bridge.

Drivers will have to pay 4 dirhams ($1) to pass through the tolls during rush hour Saturday to Thursday, while non-peak hours, Fridays and public holidays the fee is reduced to 2 dirhams. 

The system follows the Salik scheme in Dubai, which was implemented in 2007 and forces drivers to pay a fee when using certain roads in the city.

Although oil-rich Abu Dhabi is still one of the richest cities on the planet, the UAE has been hit by low oil prices and is looking at ways of diversifying its economy.

The country has also been cutting subsidies, increasing fees and introducing taxes, which will in particular affect the UAE's expat majority population.