9,000 Houthis killed in 2020 battles: Yemen gov

9,000 Houthis killed in 2020 battles: Yemen gov
A report published by Yemen's military said thousands of Houthi fighters were killed in battles with Saudi-backed pro-government forces between January and December.
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03 January, 2021
Thousands of Houthi fighters were killed in 2020 [Getty]
At least 9,000 Houthi fighters have been killed in battles with pro-government forces in 2020, according to statistics from Yemen's internationally-recognised government.

Between January and December last year, 9,028 Houthis died in battle, the media centre from Yemen's military confirmed in a new report.

Among the dead were 688 Houthis from higher military ranks, 15 generals, 47 brigadiers, 114 colonels, 94 lieutenant colonels, 103 majors and 126 captains, the report said.

The rebels witnessed the biggest losses in October when 1,220 fighters were killed in battles with government forces. In September, 700 were killed.

Statistics also showed the rebels had lost 27 weapon storages that were destroyed by Saudi-led coalition strikes, as well as 573 vehicles and combat equipment.

The report also confirmed 104 drones were shot down by Saudi-backed pro-government forces.

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It is unclear how many were killed in the government’s camp.

More than 100,000 people, mostly civilians, have been killed and millions displaced in Yemen's grinding six-year war, which has triggered what the United Nations calls the world's worst humanitarian disaster.

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