1,730 Syrians killed in 100 days of Russian intervention

1,730 Syrians killed in 100 days of Russian intervention
Hundreds of Syrian civilians, including many children, have been killed in 100 days of Russian military operations in Syria, the National Opposition Coalition said.
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08 January, 2016
Russian intervention in Syria has worsened the conflict, say opposition groups [Getty]
Since Russia intervened in Syria 100 days ago, 1,730 people have been killed.

The latest figures have come from the National Opposition Coalition who have called on the Russians to immediately withdraw their forces.

The group added that dozens of medical centres, schools, hospitals have also been destroyed.

"There have been 1,730 martyrs, including 135 children and 114 women, with 29 medical centres and hospitals destroyed," the coalition said in a statement.

"The Russian air force continues its brutal aggression against Syrian cities and towns," it added.

"Although the Russian government launched its invasion under the pretext of fighting terrorism, within the first days of the occupation they waged aggression against children and committed massacres against civilians."

The SNC said that out of the 12,000 Russian air raids which involved the use of cluster bombs, phosphorus and rockets, 94 percent of them targeted civilian sites, or subsidiaries of the Free Syrian Army.
Out of the 12,000 Russian air raids, 94 percent of them targeted civilian sites
Russia has said that they are targetted the Islamic State in Syria and that they are working with the FSA, accusations that the group have strongly denied.

The SNC statement also said that the Russian campaigns lead to the displacement of around half a million Syrians from their homes in rural Latakia, Homs, Hama and Aleppo, revealing “the nature and objectives of the aggression”.

The coalition said that it is no longer acceptable for the international community to “remain silent” on the effects of the Russian intervention.

They also emphasised that Russia is a permanent member of the Security Council and voted on the council’s 2254 resolution which called on all sides to stop targeting civilians in the war.

Human Rights Watch issued a report last month detailing "extensive use of cluster bombs" by Russian forces in Syria.

Meanwhile, following the Russian Orthodox Christmas, the patriarch defended the country’s intervention in Syria, dubbing it a "holy war."