17-year-old Palestinian shot dead by Israeli forces in Jerusalem

17-year-old Palestinian shot dead by Israeli forces in Jerusalem
The shooting incident took place in occupied East Jerusalem.
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22 December, 2020
Israeli police claimed the Palestinian teen shot at Israeli police. [Getty]
Israeli Forces fatally shot a 17-year-old Palestinian who allegedly fired at soldiers, Al Jazeera reported on Tuesday.

Mahmoud Omar Kameel, a Palestinian from the West Bank village of Qabatiya, was shot multiple times in Jerusalem's Old City, where Israel's army said he fired at soldiers.

Israeli media cited the police saying Kameel approached a police post near the Lion's Gate entrance to the Old City and fired shots. 

None of the officers were hit, according to the reports, and police said they returned the fire, striking and killing the suspect after a brief chase.

"The police and border guard fighters working in the Old City chased him on foot, while he was shooting at them," a statement from the Israeli police said.

Al Jazeera cited witnesses saying Israeli forces shot Kameel after surrounding him in the area.

The police barred access to the Al Aqsa Mosque compound after the shooting.

Palestinian officials did not immediately release a public statement following the incident.

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Israel has illegally occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem since a war with neighbouring Arab countries in 1967. It has also annexed East Jerusalem.

Thousands of Israeli settlement homes – classed as illegal under international law – have been constructed in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli soldiers operate checkpoints across the West Bank that hugely restrict Palestinian freedom of movement, particularly in areas where settlements are present.

Israeli troops have been criticised for routinely using disproportionate force against Palestinians.

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