Top 5 TV dramas you don't want to miss this Ramadan

Top 5 TV dramas you don't want to miss this Ramadan
Ramadan series: Ramadan is when star-studded dramas take over television screens in Arab households across the region. We bring you the top five series to look out for this year.
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14 May, 2018
Ramadan is a time for God, family, sacrifice and laughter [Getty]
Audiences across the Arab world are gearing up for the biggest month of the TV calendar as Ramadan approaches. Production companies invest major budgets to secure the region's biggest stars and win the mantle of hottest series.

The holy month of Ramadan is one for fasting, prayer and sacrificing bad habits for Muslims to strengthen their relationship with God. It's a month of struggle, but also a month of spirituality, peace and joy.

As audiences recover from gruelling day-long fasts, night-time dramas have become a major phenomenon over the past decade.

Episodes are released daily for the 29-30 days of the month, making social gatherings more entertaining until people can finally have their first sip of water.

Here are the top five Ramadan TV series coming out this month:

1. Ladayna Aqwal Ahri

Starring Egyptian icon Yousra, Ladayna Aqwal Ahri will leave viewers at the edge of their seats.

Yousra plays a law consultant brought on board to tackle a case. As she tries to unlock the case, she faces many dilemmas. 

The show is expected to have many plot twists and will probably leave viewers wishing they can download the whole series from their TV satellite box and binge watch it instead. 

2. Awalem Khafiah

Egyptian actor and comic genius Adel Imam is known for making Arabs laugh for generations. 

In this show, Imam plays the role of a journalist who finds the diary of a celebrity who had committed suicide. He soon uncovers scandals perpetrated by high-ranking officials, putting him at risk.

Fun fact: Adel Imam once almost put himself at risk when he met former Yemeni leader Ali Abdullah Saleh. They had a fun conversation until Adel told Saleh that he would beat him if he ran for elections in Yemen.

"I thought he was going to laugh, he didn't," Imam said. He then described how Saleh's sons were giggling at the joke that wasn't received too well by the former leader.

3. Nesr al-Sa'id

A tale of love, music and defying socio-economic barriers, Dorra Zarrouk plays Fairouz, a famous Lebanese singer of Palestinian origin.

An Egyptian policeman played by Mohamed Ramadan falls in love with Fairouz, with a story destined to fail because of the class disparity between them.

The series shows how they refuse to let their backgrounds get in the way of their happiness, despite the challenges that come their way.

4. Manteqa Moharamah

Mohamed Ramadan also stars in this mystery drama series with Khaled al-Nawaby.

The series revolves around a journalist who must deal with a number of women in his life. One of them, through her story, talks about a place that is forbidden for anybody to enter because of a curse that is placed on it.

Curiosity gets the better of him and he tries to discover the reason the piece of land has been cursed.

5. Fouq al-Sehab

Hany Salama plays a lovestruck man trying to pursue a relationship. To his dismay, he finds himself being sent to prison in this thriller series. 

The character then decides to escape from prison and goes on an action-packed mission to find the person who handed him into the police.

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