#Trending: Arabs mourn victims of Istanbul airport attack

#Trending: Arabs mourn victims of Istanbul airport attack

Arabs took to social media to show solidarity with the victims of Tuesday's suicide bomb and gun attack at Istanbul's airport, and thanked Turkey for hosting Syrian and Iraqi refugees.
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30 June, 2016
Turkey has suffered a string of deadly attacks in the past year [Getty]

Arab social media users have left messages of support to the people of Turkey who are mourning the deaths of dozens of people in a horrific terrorist attack at Istanbul's international airport on Tuesday.

Arab-speakers across the world have rallied behind Turkey in the wake of Tuesday's triple suicide bombing and gun attack, which left 44 dead and more than 200 injured.

Turkey has suffered a string of deadly attacks in the past year blamed either on the radical Islamic State group [IS] or Kurdish rebels. The airport attack comes at the start of the crucial summer tourist season for Turkey.

The Arabic-language hashtag #TurkeyIsNotAlone has recently gained traction on Twitter shortly after the attack took place.

Translation: "I offer my condolences to the Turkish people for this disaster. I ask God to protect us and them from evil conspirators. 'Evil schemes only affect those who plot them'."

Translation: "The attack at Istanbul airport against innocent people from around the world shows that we are all targets from this blind terrorism. My sincere condolences to Turkey."

Translation: "We stand with you all in heart and soul. We will not forget your hospitality to our Syrian and Iraqi brothers and all other oppressed people. We will not forget you standing by the vulnerable."

Translation: "Sincere condolences to the families of the victims of the Istanbul airport bombing in Turkey and a speedy recovery for the injured. As for the perpetrators of the attack: God's relevance stands ahead of them."

Translation: "Turkey is being targeted by domestic and foreign entities because it is standing for what is right. This attack is an act of criminal and cowardly terrorism, no matter who has committed it or supported the perpetrators."

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