Trailer: The Syrian who wanted the revolution

Trailer: The Syrian who wanted the revolution
Video: The New Arab is showcasing the Syrian cinema collective Abounaddara, with short films about an Aleppo man, imprisoned by the regime in the notorious Sednaya prison.
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25 March, 2016
The New Arab is showcasing a series of short films entitled The Syrian Who Wanted the Revolution.

We go back to the spring of 2011, to the Syrian city of Aleppo, no images of blood and destruction - only the story of a non-partisan young Aleppine man who, during the early days of the revolution, joined fellow Syrians in asking for their dignity - only to be detained by the Syrian regime, and thrown into the hell known as Sednaya prison.

The seven videos contain his testimony, from the 2011 demonstrations until he left Sednaya - on the brink of death - in July 2014.

Sednaya is the largest and most infamous prison in Syria. The international community and human rights organisations have repeatedly shared their concerns over its torturous conditions.

The regime's Sednaya prison is seen by many as central to the Syrian government's efforts to exterminate the generation of the uprising.

The videos were produced and directed by the Syrian cinema collective Abounaddara, which has been posting short videos every Friday since April 2011, as part of the fight for freedom and dignity of all Syrians.

The collective won The New School's 2014 Vera List Center Prize for Art and Politics in New York.

Click on the links to navigate through the series.
Part 1:Demonstrations
Part 2:The Welcome
Part 3:The Punishment
Part 4:The Holiday
Part 5:The Hospital
Part 6:The Visit
Part 7:The Salvation