Top five Ramadan podcasts to beat the lockdown blues

Top five Ramadan podcasts to beat the lockdown blues
Many Muslims are starting their own podcasts or series to share the knowledge they have. Here's a list of some Islamic-themed podcasts to listen to this Ramadan.
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28 April, 2020
Here are a range of podcasts to listen to [Getty]
For Muslims everywhere this year, Ramadan is a testing time, but still a serene one. 

With coronavirus leaving much of the world's population under lockdown, the social rituals of the holy fasting month have been put on hold, and many will miss this year communal prayers and cosy gatherings with friends and family. But many will feel thankful for having the Internet to help them make up for these severed bonds.

For those looking for Ramadan-inspired ways to spend the long hours before the sunset arrives, and still feel some kind of communal life, here are five podcasts that you may not already know about to check out this month:

1. Islamic Art and History by Zirrar

If you’re looking to learn about Islamic art, history and cultures, throughout the centuries, this podcast is for you.

Zirrar covers a wide range of topics, from Mexican orientalism and how it affects the Latin American Muslim, to the history of coffee beans and its significance in Muslim history, and everything in between.

There are currently four episodes, but they are all long, well researched and take deep dives into unique topics.

2. Sufi heart by Omid Safi

Sufi Heart is perfect for those trying to go inwards and learn about the power of heart-centred living and its relevance in Islam.

This podcast draws primarily on the wisdom of the Islamic tradition as well as the legacies of the Civil Rights movements and other teachings to features and stories about a sacred tradition of mystic love.

Mysticism, history, spirituality and poetry are common themes in this podcast.

3. New Books in Islamic Studies by Marshall Poe

This one is for the bookworms, or those who want to be bookworms but prefer to listen than read.

This podcast gathers scholars who have recently written books on Islam and interviews them.

This podcast is enriching and interesting to listen to. It's also brilliant for listening to the scholar when trying to figure out if their book is something that may peak your interest.

4. Salam, Girl by Nicole Queen and Monica Traverzo

Who doesn't love a fun, girly chat with Muslim undertones? Muslim converts Nicole Queen and Monica Traverzo come together to host this podcast and talk issues that many Muslim women face in the modern world.

Episode topics range from health, multiculturalism, coming to Islam, to fashion, prayer, dating, health, living with intention and so much more.

This is a lighthearted, fun and intellectually stimulating podcast that sheds light on a range of issues that many modern Muslim women face.

5. Abbasid History Podcast by Talha Ahsan

This podcast looks at the Abbasid historical period, which is considered the Islamic Golden Age.

The podcast has interviews academics, archivists and artists on their work for peers and junior students in the field and aims to "educate, inspire, perhaps infuriate, and on the way entertain a little too."

Episodes cover topics ranging from astrology, poetry, history and language in the medival Muslim world.

*Bonus* The New Arab Voice:

The New Arab has our very own podcast with interesting discussions about culture, religion and explainers on trending Middle East news, with lots of Ramadan content coming up. Check it out here or listen below.

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