Teenagers arrested after viral video shows sex attack on public bus

Teenagers arrested after viral video shows sex attack on public bus
Moroccan police confirmed the arrest of six teenagers for their suspected involvement in an attempted gang-rape of a mentally ill girl on a public bus.
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22 August, 2017
The distressing video was widely condemned online [Facebook]
Six teenagers were arrested for their suspected involvement in a violent sex attack on a public bus in Morocco, police said in a statement on Monday, after a video of the assault that targeted a mentally-ill girl caused outrage online.

"The suspects, who are aged between 15 and 17, have been arrested and charged over the alleged sexual assault of a young woman in Casablanca, and have been placed under police surveillance," a police statement said.

The suspects were detained following an "intensive investigation" after the video purportedly showed them forcibly undressing the young distressed girl while being cheered on by men aboard the bus.

The victim "has not lodged a complaint yet," nor has there been any complaint from the bus driver, the police statement confirmed.

The distressing video sparked outrage across Morocco's online community which slammed the "barbaric behaviour" and condemned the lack of intervention on a crowded public bus.

"The rise of rape crimes is due to the crisis of values and morals and the loss of state prestige," activist Nabil Yuba said.

"What happened today in that city in Morocco can never be tolerated because it is a crime against humanity and society as a whole and it is a blatant violation of all Moroccan laws, as we have come to try to rape a mentally ill girl on a public transport bus," a blogger from the city Salé said.

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights condemned the attack that took place in the presence of the bus driver and a group of passengers – none of whom attempted to stop the incident.

The organisation called for "an immediate and serious investigation into the suspicious event and public awareness of its results, with the necessary legal measures being taken against anyone involved in this disgraceful act".

But the bus company, M'Dina Bus, which confirmed the incident took place three days prior, maintained it "cannot be confirmed that the driver did not react or intervene in the incident and cannot be judged from a minute-long video".

"Bus drivers in Casablanca are often subjected to various attacks and threats during clashes with some fugitives in defence of passengers," the company said in a statement.