Qatar charities hope to bring 'warm winter' to refugees

Qatar charities hope to bring 'warm winter' to refugees
Four leading Qatari charities are hoping to bring some warmth and relief to thousands of refugees forced from their homes due to the region's wars as winter comes.
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03 December, 2016
Millions of refugees have been forced into displacement in recent years [AFP]

Charities in Qatar have launched several winter campaigns to provide food, clothes and shelter to refugees in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, among other poverty-stricken countries as they continue to struggle through the regional conflicts.

The Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS), Eid Charity, Qatar Charity and RAF are expected to deliver aid to thousands people, including refugees in Afghanistan, Lebanon and Jordan.

"While we are safe in our homes, we should never forget those homeless and destitute widows, orphans, elderly, and patients who lost their homes and livelihoods," QRCS Secretary-General Ali Hassan al-Hammadi said in a statement announcing the launch of the "Warm Winters" Campaign.

"They are in dire need of help as the cold winter approaches, and we also need to put an end to their pain, so that we may deserve blessings and reward from God."

Around 5 million Syrians were forced from their homes into neighbouring countries five years ago, according to UNCHR figures.

Across the border in Iraq, 3.2 million are internally displaced while 4 million have reportedly fled their homes.

Meanwhile in Yemen, UN figures suggest more than 3 million people had fled their homes since the war escalated with the Saudi-led military intervention in March 2015.