Oman attempts clean-up of streets with $2,600 litter fines

Oman attempts clean-up of streets with $2,600 litter fines
Oman will slap huge fines on those caught littering, as it looks to keep a clean image with international holiday makers.
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27 March, 2017
Oman is heading to be one of the Gulf region's biggest holiday destinations [Getty]
Oman is battling to keep the sultanate's capital clean, with Muscat council announcing hefty fines for litter bugs.

The municipality announced 1,000 rial fines ($2,600) for those caught throwing trash in open areas and valleys, while repeat offenders will have to fork out around 2,000 rials ($5,100).

Offenders will be given one day to clean up their mess, and
fines will fall on individuals caught tipping.

The new punishments will come into affect on 15 April, and part of the government's bid to keep the country clean as Oman looks to encourage tourism.

Oman is known to have some of the Gulf's best beauty spots, but some have been blighted by litter left behind by visitors and campers.

Police announced a tough new line on littering earlier this year, with the threat of ten days in jail for perpetrators.

Oman was listed in travel guide Lonely Planet's top ten locations to visit in 2017, and invested heavily in its tourism infrastructure, including a new airport in Muscat. 

It has also earned itself a reputation as a safe destination in the region as other countries popular with European holidaymakers - such as Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey -witnessed a wave of terrorism attacks over the past two years.