Moroccan TV shows abused women 'how to cover bruises'

Moroccan TV shows abused women 'how to cover bruises'
A Moroccan state TV channel has faced public backlash after airing a make-up tutorial for victims of domestic violence, ahead of Elimination of Violence Against Women Day.
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26 November, 2016
A Moroccan TV channel has come under fire for the "inappropriate" segment [Stock image: Getty]

A Moroccan state TV channel aired a programme showing women how to cover bruises from domestic violence with make-up.

The segment was aired on Sabahiyat on Channel 2M on 23 November, just two days ahead of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

The programme was quickly met by a public backlash, including a petition calling for the channel to apologise and for broadcasting watchdog HACA to take action.

"We as citizens of Moroccan and campaigners for women's issues in Morocco... express our condemnation of this act, which considers this taunting experienced by women as normal," the petition said.

Sabahiyat, broadcast daily on channel 2M, had wanted to "show the kind of make-up to use when a woman is beaten".

A woman, lying in an arm chair, is seen wearing theatrical make-up to show a swollen and bruised face, while the presenter uses make-up to conceal the black and blue marks.

After the "makeover" the host tells viewers: "We hope these beauty tips will help you carry on with your daily life."

The clip sparked a social media storm, with astounded viewers calling it "disgusting".

Channel 2M has since removed the clip from its website and released a statement on its Facebook page calling the segment "completely inappropriate" and was an "error of judgement".

It also reiterated its "unwavering commitment" in defending women's rights.