Qatar 2022 World Cup: Why Mead Al Emadi wanted to create a spirit of unity and excitement with the FIFA Fan Festival

Mead Al Emadi [Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy]
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Mead Al Emadi is the project manager of the FIFA Fan Festival which will take place in Al Bidda Park during the World Cup tournament. She shares her excitement at leading such an event and talks more about what was involved.

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) is paying testimony to the Qatari individuals whose skills have contributed to the launch of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which will take place for the first time in the region.

It was in this context that the SC's official website released a special report about the recent preparations, especially those for the FIFA Fan Festival, and the experience which has been gained through preparing for the major sporting event.

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Their website published a special interview with Mead Al Emadi, project manager of the FIFA Fan Festival, who is also the first Qatari woman to obtain the FIFA Master qualification.

In the interview, she expressed her pride in participating in the preparations for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

A career in the sports industry

"Everyone dreams of representing their countries at a huge event like the World Cup, and for me with my passion for football, my current field of work is the ideal career path for me," said Mead Al Emadi. "I feel fortunate to have been involved in this global project from the start, as I was working for beIN Sports when Qatar won the right to host the World Cup on 2 December 2010."

"Everyone dreams of representing their countries at a huge event like the World Cup, and for me with my passion for football, my current field of work is the ideal career path for me"

Mead Al Emadi continues, "I also worked in launching the volunteer programme at the Supreme Committee, and luckily for me, my area of work is primarily focussed on dealing with people, sharing their joy, smiles, and pride. Engaging with people is my favourite part of my job, and I get to have fun learning about other cultures, tasting different types of food, and listening to music from across the world, which is a great inspiration for me."

Mead described her role as creating a spirit of unity and building excitement, while at the same time changing negative perceptions about the tournament. "It’s been challenging at times – but as we have built experience and the wider team, our vision has come together. We can all collectively feel the spirit of the World Cup," she said in the interview published on SC's website.

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'I still feel goosebumps'

She also spoke about the moment Qatar was chosen to organise the World Cup: "Despite the many years that have passed since Qatar won the right to host the World Cup, I still feel goosebumps every time I watch that historic announcement. I'm sure everyone in Qatar felt the same way."

She adds: "I can't forget the moment I looked at my family and saw my mother crying with joy, while the children were cheering that our country had been picked to organise the tournament – that scene is still engraved in my memory."

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Regarding the duties she has been tasked with in the run-up to the tournament, Mead says, "The FIFA Fan Festival is in the Al Bidaa Park in Doha, which accommodates over 40,000 people, and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will see this festival put on like never before – it will be totally unique.

"There will be a wide variety of entertainment events for fans from all over the world. On 19 November the crowds will be able to gather and have an unforgettable time – there will be massive screens broadcasting the matches live in the open air, as well as performances and other activities, and a wide array of foods and drinks will be available to ensure the fans have an amazing and fun experience."

A message for Qatari women

Mead also has a message for Qatari women: "My advice to every Qatari woman is: strive to achieve your dream – even if you don't reach it in the beginning – you have to keep trying until you get onto a path which will fulfil your aspirations and unleash your potential.

"You need to cultivate determination and willpower and take advantage of the opportunities that come your way with all your passion and enthusiasm, as well as fight to overcome the challenges that arise. I call on every woman in my country to be a driving force for positive change in our society – we need to act as role models for our daughters and for the coming generation."

Mead Al Emadi was born and raised in Al Wakrah and studied computer science at the American University of Sharjah. She grew up in a football-loving family and her favourite international team is Real Madrid.

In the upcoming tournament, she will be therefore following two teams, she says, adding: "Hopefully they can both go far in the tournament."

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