McDonalds employee pours boiling water over child in Turkey

McDonalds employee pours boiling water over child in Turkey
A McDonald’s employee in Turkey was fired after throwing boiling water at a child for “disturbing customers”.
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12 May, 2017
The incident took place in Istanbul's affluent Nisantasi neighbourhood [Youtube]
A McDonald's employee in Turkey has been fired after throwing boiling water at a child for "disturbing customers".

The incident took place on Tuesday at a McDonald's located in Istanbul's affluent Nisantasi neighbourhood.

The female employee attempted to pour a cup of boiling water over the child, before one customer intervened to stop her and several others called the police.

Turkish media outlets had originally thought the child was a Syrian refugee.

Turkey hosts nearly three million Syrian refugees, making it the largest host country of registered refugees.

In the last couple of years Turkish media has reported on a number of incidents in which young Syrian refugees - 40 percent of whom lack access to education in Turkey - have been subjected to abuse in the vicinity of restaurants. 

In July 2015, a restaurant manager in Izmir was found beating a Syrian refugee boy trying to sell tissues.

A similar incident happened months before in January 2015 when the manager of a Burger King branch in Istanbul assaulted a Syrian boy for eating leftover French fries on the fast-food chain's trays.

However, the victim of the attack was later identified as aTurkish national named Polat Kara, whose parents work as rubbish collectors.

At the time of the incident they were on the job and had asked their son to buy water from the McDonalds branch where the incident took place.

He was later sent to hospital where he was treated for burns.

Later, when questioned by police, the female employee responsible for the attack said that the incident had been an "accident".

She claimed that she was trying to force other children to leave the restaurant and that she had accidentally poured water on Kara instead.

Turkish media reported that Kara's family are not pressing charges against the now dismissed employee.