Jordan prepares for women-only taxi service

Jordan prepares for women-only taxi service
A new women-only taxi service is expected to hit the streets of the Jordanian capital Amman by the end of the month.
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05 January, 2016
Women-only pink taxis have been introduced in a number of countries [AFP]

A new taxi service run by female drivers and catering exclusively to female passengers, is expected to hit the streets of the Jordanian capital Amman by the end of the month.

The Abul Haj Investment Group, which is behind the project, plans on deploying 20 pink taxis serving Amman and its suburbs by the start of February, with the service named "the special taxi".

"We will start with 20 pink taxis driven by professional women who used to be driving instructors," said Eid Abul Haj, the CEO of Abul Haj Investment group.

"Our drivers will receive a monthly salary and be subject to the social security law. They will also be dressed in elegant uniforms," added Abul Haj.

Abul Haj explained that his company intends to offer Jordanian women a safe and comfortable alternative to regular taxis, whereby women will be able to pre-book their journey by calling the company's dedicated call centre.

Sexual harassment is rife in Jordan, like a number of Arab countries, which is what the service is attempting to address.

For added security, the company intends to use cars fitted with tracking devices in order for the location of the taxi and its passengers to be known at all times.

Last year, a similar taxi company catering specifically for women was launched in the Egyptian capital Cairo amid mixed reactions.

While some women welcomed the service that would spare them the near daily harassment on the streets of the most populous city in the Arab world, others argued that it promoted isolation and segregation.

Prior to the launch of the Cairo's "Pink Taxis" one Egyptian woman tweeted: "Pink Taxi is a stupid sexist idea. Harassment can be solved by applying the law, not by a Pink Taxi, you idiots!"