Joe Show: Sudan's coup, Iraq's elections, Lebanon's mini civil war, and El Gouna Festival

Joe Show: Sudan's coup, Iraq's elections, Lebanon's mini civil war, and El Gouna Festival
In episodes 22& 23, Joe Show wonders whether Sudan's coup was just a comedy of errors (Hint: It isn't) and examines the usual insanities and inanities of MENA politics.
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08 November, 2021


Al-Araby TV, the home of the Joe Show, is part of the same family that includes al-Araby al-Jadeed newspaper and The New Arab. Stay tuned each week for a translated round-up of the funniest jibes on Joe Show and English-language subtitled clips from the show's most biting digs. This week's round up is chosen from episodes 22 and 23.


Iraq Elections low turnout: Voters can’t be bothered to get up too early for voting!

With a record low turnout in recent elections, Iraq has become even more distrustful of its political elite.  The best explanation the country's pundits had to offer? "The Iraqi national character has no patience for early morning queues!". Subtitled clips below


Lebanon is polarised about everything, including about polarisation

The Beirut Port explosion investigation is triggering a war of narratives as the leading judge draws too close to powerful politicians. The country's politicians are sparing no tactic to bring the investigation down, from filing ridiculous motions to suspend judges based on their 'biases' to staging 'peaceful' protests that descend into major armed clashes. Joe Show explains - satirically - just what's going on. (Subtitled clips below)

Award-winning film on Egypt poverty ruffles celebrity ‘Feathers’

Despite being critically acclaimed at the Cannes Film Festival and recently at the Carthage Film Festival, Egyptian film 'Feathers' was panned at its homecountry's El Gouna Festival. It seems to not have sat well with regime-aligned celebrities who staged a walkout and went to state-owned media to explain why: "It tarnished Egypt's image by showing too much of its poverty!" Joe Show take subtitled below.


Coup, what coup? Sudanese hit streets and General Burhan has Hamdok ‘around for tea’

Sudan's military have launched a coup, suspending the constitution and detaining the prime minister. But could it all be a misunderstanding? No...but General Abdul-Fattah al-Burhan, the man behind the coup, seems to think people would buy that. Explaining what happened to the prime minister, he said "He's not detained. He's just at my home because I was worried about him!" No kidding. Joe Show lampoons the militayr's (non) logic in the clip below.

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