Joe Show: Egypt screams from the rooftops for Prince Charles

Joe Show: Egypt screams from the rooftops for Prince Charles
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13 December, 2021
In episode 27, Joe Show explores the farce behind the serious news, from Egypt's crackdown on YouTube musicians to Sudan's new half-civilian-half-military government. Oh, and Prince Charles visits Egypt and gets a 'native' treatment.


Al-Araby TV, the home of the Joe Show, is part of the same family that includes al-Araby al-Jadeed newspaper and The New Arab. Stay tuned each week for a translated round-up of the funniest jibes on Joe Show and English-language subtitled clips from the show's most biting digs. This week's round up is chosen from episode 27.


Egypt cracks down on YouTube musicians

Since 2020, Egypt's government has launched a war on 'explicit' music spearheaded by Field Mar...err...Singer Hany Shaker. Hany Shaker is the head of Egypt's official Musicians' Syndicate, and he just absolutely hates any music made after the 1980s. No, not really, but so it seems. He has led a campaign to ban 'mahraganat' (festival) music, a genre of streetwise, hip-hop like music popular among working class Egyptians and mainly found on YouTube. It's a bit hysterical, and the main explanation may be Hany Shaker's own personal prejudices (racist, classist) or fear of competition on a medium his cartel cannot control. Or perhaps there is something more sinister given the fact that Egypt is ruled by a police state. Joe Show skewers (Subtitled clip below). Read more about the controversy here.

Prince Charles and Camilla visit Egypt and get screamed at on the rooftops
Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla visited Egypt recently. But their programme was bizarre and they ended up watching an improvised performance on top of a roof. Joe Show goes 'behind the scenes'

After the coup, Sudan's civilian prime minister gets a new upgraded personality

After Sudan's military released PM Hamdok from house arrest, he appears odd. As if his hard drive was formatted, says Joe Show. Is this a Manchurian candidate scenario?


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