Five energy boosting meal ideas for suhoor this Ramadan

Five energy boosting meal ideas for suhoor this Ramadan
Ramadan series: If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, suhoor is the most vital meal to eat during Ramadan. We list some energy boosting meal ideas.
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30 May, 2018
A healthy suhoor contributes to a healthy fast [Getty]
Breakfast is known to be the important meal of the day, so there's no doubt that a proper suhoor is crucial for a good fast.

A person's choice of food during suhoor can usually be one of the main factors that decipher whether someone will have a good fasting day or a bad fasting day. Having a suhoor that is high in sodium, sugar and fat can cause dehydration and fatigue later on during the day.

It is important to plan your suhoor wisely and make sure hydration is a priority and that food is not eaten to fill you up per se, but to add as many nutrients as possible into your body.

Here are our favourite suhoor ideas – some are vegan, some aren't and they are all fully flexible and can be altered to your liking.

Pro tip: If you want to make tea or coffee to go with your suhoor but don't want to use cow's milk, the best type of milk is oat milk. Cashew milk works too, but oat milk has the "milkiest" texture. 

This warm and nutritious smoothie bowl inspired suhoor will have your insides thanking you all day. Keep the base and add any toppings you have in the fridge.

My personal favourite toppings so far has been a mixture of flax seeds, chia seeds, figs bananas and honey. I also love to add raw cacao powder to the porridge mixture to give it a chocolatey kick without it being too unhealthy.

Think of your favourite dessert and turn it into a porridge bowl. Those who like apple pie can use baked apples with cinnamon as a topping and add nuts and dried fruit. The possibilities are endless.

Speaking of smoothie bowls, here's one for those fasting in hot countries. Freeze the fruit of your choice beforehand and blend it when it's time for suhoor for a quick and easy meal. Add toppings and you have yourself something delicious.

Good morning! ☀️ Started the sunny day with this delicious icecream, as breakfast: 2 bananas & 6 strawberries, with also 2 tablespoons of oatmeal to thicken it, then topped it with chia seeds, pumpkin and sunflowers seeds and cacao nibs with lastly few nuts! 😍🍧 Delicious, low calories, great breakfast and full of vitamins! 👌🏼 ——————————————————————— Günaydin! ☀️ Güneşli güne bu nefis dondurmayla başladim, kahvaltı olarak: 2 tane muz & 6 tane çilekler, ile bide 2 yemek kaşı yulaf ki böylece daha kalınlansın, sonra üzerine chia tohumlari, kabak ve ayçiçek çekirdeğı ve kakao kavrulmuş parçacıklari ile son olarak findik! 😍🍧 Lezzetli, az kaloriler, harika kahvaltı ve bolca vitaminlerle dolu! 👌🏼 #vegangraphy#breakfast#rawvegan#govegan#nicecream#icecream#plantbased#vitamins#foodlover#love#healthylifestyle#veganlarneyer

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This vegan smoothie blend will satisfy your sweet tooth and will keep you full all day. It's also super healthy – ultimate win, right?

Experimenting with different types of milk when making smoothies is so fun. Using coconut milk instead of almond milk will give it a slightly different taste. Again, with smoothies, have fun and use the flexibility of smoothies to your advantage when not wanting to waste ingredients in the fridge.

Vegan yoghurt bowls are delicious and have a more distinct taste in comparison to Greek yoghurt bowls. Whether you prefer dairy or vegan yoghurt is up to you, but the concept helps you stay full and pack up your suhoor with fruit.

Using granola makes the recipe more filling. Other times, I like to add mixed nuts and flaxseed.

Avocadoes are full of healthy fats and are very filling. They are also very easy ingredient for breakfast. One of the greatest culinary phenomena that have been invented with avocadoes is the infamous avocado toast.

When an avocado is crushed, typically the way to season it is with lemon and salt, and top with a poached or boiled egg. 

My personal favourite variation of an avocado toast to have a crushed avocado and hummus sandwich. The olive oil loving Palestinian in me seasons the crushed avocado with olive oil and salt. Even on days I am not fasting, this sandwich keeps me full (and very happy) for hours.

Other ideas include crushed avocado seasoned with lime, salt and fresh chopped coriander, avocado and goats cheese with pomegranate and avocado and avocado toast with smoked salmon.

Why stop at suhoor? Use this month to help you get creative and get used to having a healthy morning meal so you can carry these ideas onto eating a healthy breakfast after Ramadan.

Diana Alghoul is a British/Palestinian journalist at The New Arab and lifestyle blogger.

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