Egyptian Museum displays terrifying 'Screaming Mummy'

Egyptian Museum displays terrifying 'Screaming Mummy'
Egypt's main museum in Cairo has displayed a horrifying new exhibit, with a terrifying past.
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17 February, 2018
Egyptian Museum will display the 'Screaming Mummy'

Egypt's landmark museum has a horrifying new exhibit with the "Screaming Mummy" now on display in Cairo.

The Screaming Mummy is on display at the Egyptian Museum. He is said to be the son of a pharaoh who may have been hanged for plotting his father's murder and died a horrific death.

The mummy - the unknown man E - is not usually exhibited at the museum and appears to be of a man who died an agonising death.

Egypt's antiquities ministry has said DNA analysis confirmed the mummy was a son of Ramses III, who ruled between 1186 BC and 1155 BC.

The man appears to have been hanged and shrouded in sheepskin, which the ancient Egyptians considered impure.

Pentawere, the son of Ramses III, was sentenced to hang for his role in the plot, according to details in ancient papyrus records. 

Pentawere conspired with his mother Tiye - the second wife of Ramses III - to murder the king.

It is not clear if Ramses III was killed in the plot, but there are indications that he was stabbed in the neck.  

An Eye of Horus amulet, representing healing and protection, was placed around Ramses III's throat, the ministry statement said.


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