Egypt professor faces dismissal over Facebook bellydancing video

Egypt professor faces dismissal over Facebook bellydancing video
The English literature professor at Suez University fears she may lose her job after posting a video of herself bellydancing on Facebook.
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06 April, 2017
Prince faced backlash over her behaviour, deemed unbecoming of a university teacher [Facebook]
An Egyptian professor faces losing her job for posting a video on Facebook showing her bellydancing.

Mona Prince is being investigated by the Suez University, where she teaches English literature, after the Facebook video was circulated on social media.

Prince faced backlash over her behaviour, deemed "unbecoming" of a university teacher.

Separately, a photo of her in a bikini also surfaced on social media, adding to the allegations of "immorality" in a conservative society.

Prince was already in trouble with the university before the video surfaced.

She was suspended in February over alleged poor performance.

However, she told AP on Thursday that the video was being used as an excuse to push ahead with her "persecution" and later dismissal over the unconventional teaching methods she uses. 

"I will never stop laughing, dancing, singing and writing," she said in a Facebook post. 

As she risks being expelled from the university, the professor thanked those who supported her. While many defended her, some social media users said they expected Prince to adhere to the traditions and norms in Egypt. 

Bellydancing is widely practiced by Egyptian women, but mostly in private. Professional bellydancers perform in weddings and at night spots. 

A statement by the Ministry of Higher Education said it guarantees the personal freedom of teaching staff, but added that it should not come "at the expense of university norms and ethics." 

"Good reputation is the basis" of hiring college teachers, said the statement, published by local media.

Prince intends to pursue legal action if she is dismissed by the university.