Dubai electrician jailed after stabbing colleague because of his 'smelly feet'

Dubai electrician jailed after stabbing colleague because of his 'smelly feet'
An electrician in the UAE has been jailed after murdering his colleague in Dubai due to his victim's 'stinky feet'.
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09 October, 2017
The assailant stabbed his co-worker after getting into a fight over smelly feet [Cover]

A Dubai electrician was jailed for ten years last week after stabbing to death his co-worker in July due to his "smelly feet".

The 22-year-old electrician, originally from Pakistan, was sitting with his colleague in an air-conditioned room to cool down on one hot UAE summer day.

One electrician decided to take a short nap near him and rested his feet near the assailant's face. When the man asked him to move his feet, his colleague refused.

An argument escalated into a fist fight, which other co-workers tried to halt.

Shortly after, the assailant went to a nearby construction site where both of them worked and grabbed a razor. CCTV footage showed him approaching his victim with the blade behind his back before stabbing him three or four times in the neck.

The co-worker was rushed to hospital in a critical condition where he died days later on 31 July after slipping into a coma.

The assailant was sentenced to five years in prison, but earlier this month it was doubled to 10 years because a court ruled he had intended to kill his co-worker.

The assailant will be deported once he completes his prison sentence.