With dedicated studies centre, Japan's sun rises in Egypt

With dedicated studies centre, Japan's sun rises in Egypt
Cairo University officials have announced that it would launch a new institute for Japanese studies next month in bid to deepen understanding of Japan among Egyptians.
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27 January, 2017
The new institute is scheduled to be launched in February [AFP]

Cairo University is setting up a research institute for Japanese studies in bid to strengthen bilateral relations and deepen understanding of Japan among Egyptians, university officials have announced.

"Many Egyptians admire Japan for its miraculous development after World War II, but they know very little about the actual state of affairs over there," said Adel Amin Saleh, chair of the university's Japanese Department, according to The Japan Times.

"In addition to deepening understanding about Japan, we also hope to make (the institute) a bridge that can help bring back the fruits from the enhanced understanding back to the Egyptian society," he added.

Scheduled to be launched in February, the new institute will cover research in both arts and sciences.

The university said it had hired about 10 young Japanese researchers for the new facility, which will also serve as an information center for the general public to learn more about the East Asian country, such as through proposed Japan-related public lectures.

The institute's launch comes in line with Egypt's recently growing interest in Japan, particularly in the Japanese approach to education.

Some universities in Japan will facilitate research by offering digital library material to be accessible for viewing in Egypt.

Cairo University established the department of Japanese language and literature in its Faculty of Arts in 1974. It has since flourished to become a focal point for learning Japanese language in Africa and the Middle East.

Modern relations between the two countries date back to 1922, when Japan recognised Egypt's independence.

Cairo is the only city in the Middle East and African region where Japan has an information and culture center at its embassy and at the Japan Foundation office.