Angelia Jolie to shoot film highlighting Sudan's rich heritage

Angelia Jolie to shoot film highlighting Sudan's rich heritage
The Hollywood star is expected in Sudan by the end of the month for the filming of 'History has Started from Here', depicting the beginning of human civilisation in Sudan.
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20 May, 2017
Jolie reported to be expected in the country by the end of May [AFP]
The ancient history of Sudan and its Kushite civilisation, which spawned a myriad of pyramids are reported to be subjects of a new film starring US actress Angelina Jolie.

Claims have been widespread across Sudanese and Arab media that the actress and UN ambassador will star in a Qatari film entitled History has Started from Here.

Although none of this is yet to be officially confirmed, its sparked a conflict over ancient civilization, that goes back to two of the world's oldest cultures.

The Kushite civilisation flourished over the first millennium BC and had a complex and interwoven history with Egypt's Pharaonic kingdom to the north.

Meroe, capital of the Kingdom of Kush, lies approximately 200km north-east of Sudan's present-day capital Khartoum and is said to be one of the sites of the film.

The film would be one of the latest efforts to promote tourism to Sudan's ancient sites though full confirmation of Jolie's presence and the production has yet to be issued.

Sudan has attempted to highlight its own heritage as Egypt continues to suffer from increased instability and attacks on tourists.

Khartoum likes to boast it has more pyramids than its northern rival, while Qatar's Sheikha Moza bint Nasser paid a visit to Sudan's ancient sites but sparked anger in Egypt after describing the country as the "mother of the world", according to the BBC - a title Egypt likes to claim for itself.

With Jolie reported to be expected in the country by the end of May in preparation for filming, the movie itself is said to be expected to both promote tourism in Sudan as well as offer a definition of Sudanese civilisation.

Shooting for the film started a week ago in a number of archaeological sites across Sudan, according to Abdelrahman Ali, general manager of the Sudanese Antiquities and Museums Corporation as reported by Sudanese English monthly Sudanow.

Sudanese social media users responded to the yet unconfirmed reports by publishing memes depicting Jolie as a Nubian queen.

The news could further stoke tensions between Sudan and Egypt as previous efforts by Khartoum to promote the country's ancient heritage led to bitter public spats, including claims as to which country's pyramids are "better".