Aleppo gets taste of peace, but thirsts for water

Aleppo gets taste of peace, but thirsts for water
Video: A landmark ceasefire has lifted the burden of daily rocket attacks and bomb blasts in Syria's second city Aleppo - but not its residents' profound thirst.
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01 March, 2016

Citizens on both sides of the fault line dividing Syria's second city, Aleppo, between regime and rebel forces are suffering from their longest water shortage yet in the nearly five-year war.

The clashes tearing Aleppo apart since 2012 have damaged power generators and pumps that bring water to residential neighbourhoods, leading to years of intermittent shortages.

A Russian airstrike in November on a treatment plant held by the Islamic State [IS] group has left 1.4 million people in the city without any water at all.

Now, residents must turn to makeshift wells throughout the city or buy from private distributors.