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Alex Foley

Alex Foley


Alex Foley is an educator and painter living in Brighton, UK. They have a research background in molecular biology of health and disease. They currently work on preserving fragile digital materials related to mass death atrocities in the MENA region.


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J.D. Vance's rise to Trump's VP is not by chance, it signals the victory of the Neoreactionary Right and their aim to dismantle democracy, says Alex Foley.

18 July, 2024

Donald Trump's use of 'Palestinian' as an insult against Joe Biden exposes how rife anti-Arab sentiment is in American public discourse, writes Alex Foley.

08 July, 2024

From malnutrition to PTSD, the downstream health effects of Israel's war on Gaza will kill civilians long after a ceasefire is agreed, writes Alex Foley.

31 May, 2024