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Afzal Khan and Sania Muneer

Afzal Khan and Sania Muneer

Khan and Muneer

Afzal Khan MP has been the MP for Manchester Gorton since 2017 and continues to represent and support his constituents. He has served on Labour’s frontbench since 2017 in roles including Shadow Minister for Immigration and most recently, Shadow Minister for Exports. Previously, Afzal has served as Manchester Lord Mayor and a Member of the European Parliament. He's awarded a CBE for his work on community cohesion, inter-faith, and local government.

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Dr. Sania Muneer is a Post Doctorate fellow at SOAS University London. Her major works are on minority rights, Blasphemy law’s implementation, pro-women legislation and government and politics. She worked as an Assistant Professor at the School of Integrated Social Sciences, University of Lahore. She holds her Ph.D. degree in Pakistan Studies and a split degree from Royal Holloway University of London.

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The shared struggle of Palestine and Kashmir is a moral litmus test for the world that should never be abandoned, write Afzal Khan MP and Dr. Sania Muneer.

22 April, 2024