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Mohammad Ersan

Mohammad Ersan


Mohammad Ersan is a freelance journalist and Editor-in-Chief of Radio Al-Balad and His work has been published in Al-Monitor and Middle East Eye.

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Thousands have gathered outside the Israeli embassy in Jordan to protest Israel's occupation, demand a ceasefire in Gaza, and sever ties with Israel.

04 April, 2024

In-depth: Israel's control over key water sources has long posed a strategic threat to Jordan's security.

13 March, 2024

Activists are protesting the role of Jordan as a conduit for Israel-bound goods, blocking the exposed route and demanding its diversion to aid Gaza.

26 February, 2024

For 75 years, UNRWA has been a vital lifeline to the 5.9 million Palestinian refugees living in exile and has become synonymous with their right to return.

19 February, 2024