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Walaa Sabah

Walaa Sabah


Walaa Sabah is a freelance journalist and community outreach and partnership officer at

Israel has begun circulating a 'newspaper', Alwaq'a, in Gaza by drone. We spoke to Gazans about the effects of pamphlet warfare on their mental health.

27 February, 2024

Israeli assault has crippled Gaza's healthcare system, leaving 1,100 kidney patients at risk. Meanwhile, patients are dying in their beds from no dialysis.

23 February, 2024

Children in Gaza have already experienced continual trauma and loss in their short lives. As Israel's war on Gaza rages on, children are bearing the brunt.

02 February, 2024

Israel's violent siege of Gaza has led to chronic food shortages and skyrocketing prices, forcing Gazans to go hungry. Now 50% of Gaza is at risk of starvation.

02 January, 2024