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Allia Bukhari

Allia Bukhari


Allia Bukhari is a freelance journalist from Pakistan and an Erasmus Mundus Journalism scholar. She mostly covers and writes on social issues, minorities and women's rights.

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From Palestinian flags, food and keffiyehs, Sonnenallee stands strong as Berlin's most visible Palestinian support spot, despite German authorities' repression.

05 April, 2024

The New Arab Meets: Izzeldin Bukhari, a Palestinian chef touring European cities to promote Palestinian cuisine with a dash of Sufism and a vegan touch.

15 March, 2024

The West's unwavering support for Israel's war on Gaza has left it isolated on the international stage as the Global South bands together, writes Allia Bukhari.

04 March, 2024

Jalal I. Akel Jr. documents the struggles under Israeli occupation and the beauty of Palestinian landscapes through piano and music.

19 January, 2024