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Mahmoud Mushtaha and Hadil Wadi

Mushtaha and Wadi

Mahmoud Mushtaha is a Gaza-based freelance journalist and human rights activist. He works as a media assistant at We Are Not Numbers, a project of the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor

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Hadil Wadi is a Gaza-based freelance journalist and creative content writer.

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Gazans in Rafah have exhausted all evacuation routes in the race to Ramadan. Trapped, hungry, and terrified, Gazans have begun fasting out of necessity.

19 February, 2024

Israeli-imposed internet blackouts are silencing Palestinian voices in Gaza. Unable to contact their loved ones, Gazans are filled with dread over what is to come. However, citizen-led efforts are finding ways to help reconnect Gaza to the world.

07 November, 2023