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Reem Fatthelbab

Reem Fatthelbab

Reem Fatthelbab is a journalist at The New Arab. Reem studied journalism in Cairo and then social anthropology in Cambridge, specialising in humanitarian reporting. Before joining The New Arab's news desk in September 2023, she wrote/video-produced for BBC as well as other platforms such as AJ+.

Bethlehem observed a subdued Christmas, with traditional festivities replaced by solemn remembrances for Gaza.

25 December, 2023

Almost all of Gaza's Catholic population is besieged in a church, where Israel killed a mother and daughter last weekend.

19 December, 2023

The New Arab spoke with a Palestinian Christian in Gaza whose daughter was baptised along with nine other newborns in a collective baptism ceremony driven by the fear that the children may not survive Israel's onslaught.

01 November, 2023

The number of children killed in three weeks of Israel's war on Gaza exceeds the total number of children killed across the world per year since 2019.

30 October, 2023

The amount of aid trickling into Gaza is only 'a drop in the ocean' of what is needed for the Palestinian enclave currently being devastated by Israel's siege and airstrikes, aid workers have said.

25 October, 2023

Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, an Iraqi-American writer and researcher, said that being stranded at Burning Man was a 'piece of cake' compared to his experiences in Iraq

07 September, 2023