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Anam Alam

Anam Alam


Anam Alam is a freelance writer who frequently writes on human rights and social issues, including women’s rights and sex education.

Follow her on Twitter: @itsanamalam

An Amnesty International advisor says the US-led coalition needs to do more to address serious torture violations in Syrian camps.

17 April, 2024

Israel announced on Friday that it would allow the “temporary” delivery of aid through the Erez land crossing and deliveries through Ashdod port.

05 April, 2024

The Muslim Council of Britain could be designated as 'extremist' under new plans by the UK government's Communities Secretary Michael Gove.

07 March, 2024

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers passed away from cancer and some are remembering the time he bought Egyptian cuisine on British Television during his show.

01 March, 2024

Two students at Northwestern University faced misdemeanour charges for a pro-Palestine parody of their school paper.

09 February, 2024

Basketball Ireland say they will not shake hands with the Israeli national team after baseless accusations of antisemitism.

09 February, 2024

East Londoners have submitted a petition urging their local council recognise Palestine and uphold free speech.

08 February, 2024

The New Arab Meets: Irish politician and activist, Richard Boyd Barrett. He discusses Ireland's support for Palestine and why the West is reluctant to follow.

22 December, 2023

The New Arab Meets: Human rights activist Jenny Dakosta Van Mputu to discuss the silent genocide in Congo, the silence of Western media and what more needs to be done to help the people of Congo.

24 November, 2023

The New Arab Meets: Human rights activist Leanne Mohamad to discuss the Israeli occupation, the British government’s response and what more we can do to help liberate Palestine and support the people of Gaza.

24 October, 2023