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Daniel Lindley

Daniel Lindley


Daniel Lindley is a socialist and trade union activist in the UK.

Following Israel’s recent onslaught on Gaza, students & academics in Western campuses have faced increasing repression for their solidarity with Palestine. This is a symptom of Israel's fears that it is losing younger support, argues Daniel Lindley.

30 November, 2023

Government rhetoric may change following Suella Braverman’s forced departure as Home Secretary, but her replacement, David Cameron’s political history indicates that policies will continue to be defined by racism & xenophobia, argues Daniel Lindley.

19 November, 2023

Hamas's surprise attack cast a shadow of doubt over the military dominance of one of the most powerful armies in the world. But Israel's ability and willingness to inflict mass damage is a proven part of its doctrine, writes Daniel Lindley.

18 October, 2023