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George Iskander

George Iskander


George Iskander is a PhD candidate in physics as well as a cinephile and writer.


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The shared struggle of Coptic Christians and Palestinians needs to be revived. Time, politics & tourism have eroded once-strong bonds. Coptic Christians must now mobilise, march, and organise for Palestine, argues George Iskander.

07 December, 2023

Interest in the 'golden age' of Egyptian cinema has reignited online. Harnessing the aesthetics and personality of the once-towering industry, Abdulrhman Mohamed's art acts as a creative portal into Egyptian cinema and the creative national psyche.

06 October, 2023

Through an exploration of the uniquely Coptic tradition of the funeral prayer, George Iskander reflects on the significance of death in Egypt's Coptic community to challenge reductionist narratives of victimhood.

05 October, 2023